QuickLink Project

Project Overview

The Columbia Pipeline Group's (CPG) QuickLink Project is designed to facilitate the transportation of processed Utica production originating in eastern Ohio with consistent and reliable gas delivery to major interconnect markets on the Columbia Gas Transmission (TCO) system. The initial capacity will be up to 500,000 dekatherms (Dth) per day and the platform can be easily expanded. The QuickLink Project’s anticipated in-service date is November 1, 2015. 

The QuickLink Project adds to CPG's previously announced focus on the liquids-rich part of eastern Ohio and enhances the company’s supply connectivity in the Utica Shale, while also providing access to premium takeaway alternatives. With the developing supply picture, the company is competitively positioned to provide a valuable residue gas solution in the Utica region. Through the use of existing rights of way, CPG can leverage its footprint to build the necessary facilities and quickly and easily accommodate this residue takeaway solution. CPG is focused on developing and delivering a robust, comprehensive strategy for meeting customer needs and maximizing the value of its extensive pipeline and storage assets, including a very attractive position in the Marcellus and Utica shale production regions.

Supply and Points of Receipt

As a result of the focus on rich production areas, drilling has begun the shift to the Utica Shale. Along with the production of the rich stream, processing capability has followed, and CPG will provide the outlet for residue gas through QuickLink. In eastern Ohio, processing projects have been proposed by Mark West, Momentum and NiSource Midstream Services, with potential for additional opportunities. The QuickLink Project allows for the receipt of incremental supplies from central Harrison County, Ohio. CPG may also consider minor supply laterals to feed its mainline facilities and a northern feed for supplies as far north as Columbiana County, Ohio, as well as the addition of supplies from other areas not expressly mentioned.

Market and Points of Delivery

The QuickLink Project’s goal is to offer shippers access to major markets and ensuring consistent and reliable gas flows. These options include, but are not limited to, Columbia Gas Transmission, Dominion Transmission, Rockies Express, and Texas Eastern. CPG may also consider other locations, such as Tennessee Gas, or any other mutually agreeable delivery.

The QuickLink Project’s anticipated in-service date is November 1, 2015. 

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For more information on the QuickLink Project or to send us your questions and comments, please contact one of the individuals listed below or complete our Contact Us web form, which is located at the bottom of this page.  

Project Management:

  • Josh Gibbon, Business Development Manager, 713-267-4718
  • James Eckert, VP, Marketing and Business Development, 713-267-4747  


  • Pipeline Landowners, 304-357-3625  


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